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Business storage

We will close any business need for storage of property and goods 'turnkey'
  • pricing policy depending on the request
  • individual selection of the size and filling of the box from 1 to 150 m2

Working with us you will receive:

  • safe accommodation
  • physical security and surveillance cameras
  • round-the-clock access
  • storage of office furniture and equipment
  • placement of archives of any volume
  • assistance in repairing or changing the location of your business
  • service online stores
Business storage
Do three simple steps and we’ll do the rest.
Tell us what you need to store.

Tell us what you need to store.

And we will choose the right box size.

Select date and time

Select date and time

And we will book boxing for you.

Use the service

Use the service

And we will take care of your things as if they were your own.

Service “Business storage”

“Business storage» — a service for storing goods and company property that is not used, temporarily unused, or requires additional spendings on their storage at the territory or in the office of the company.

Convenient storage space for online stores and other types of businesses

Companies use our boxes as a place for storing office equipment, furniture, goods (online stores), or as a pick-up point (for wholesalers and retailers). Among our clients are partners of the L’Oreal Paris Ukraine, Macpaw, Panasonic.

To help businesses, we provide “boxes” in our storage. The area of  boxes varies from 1 to 150m2. The size of the box for solving your task is determined jointly after discussing the details: the number and volume of belongings.

We offer profitable terms and a loyalty program for online stores. The terms can be discussed at the time of registration of the rental agreement.

TetrisBOX is the best “assistant” in storing things while moving or renovating

You can ask us for help under circumstances like office relocation, renovation, or reconstruction – we like no one else understand how important it is to properly organize the space and create comfortable working conditions.

All you need is to inform us about the period you have to keep belongings in our storage. You determine the term yourself. Our tasks are to come, pick up things, and provide safe storage.

You can find out more about how stuff is delivered to our storage on the page Delivery.

Security of your belongings

We guarantee the safety and the security of the property you store in the box:

  • The guard conducts round-the-clock surveillance of the territory of storage,  all the visitors are registered in the log: access to the territory have only service customers, access to your box have only the persons indicated in the contract or authorized by you;
  • All storage conditions and responsibilities of the parties are mentioned in the contract: you do not have to worry about the safety of your belongings.
  • The video surveillance system records any actions at the territory of storage, if there is a need to look through the record – we will  provide it;
  • the storage works around the clock: bring and pick up things from the boxes whenever you want.
Use the service “Storage for business”

Click on the “Submit tour application” button and send us your phone number. We will contact you, help you to choose a box, and book it for the dates you need.

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