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Storage of building materials

To storage of building materials fully certain requirements are produced. Even ground next to an object and piece of tarpaulin even not enough for the heap of macadam. If wood, brick or cement, in sacks remain long time under open-skies, they will be spoilt.

How to choose warehouse for building materials ?

Not always suitable for storage conditions can be created straight on a site area. For one materials a durable ground is needed with a slope, other require to be folded on pallets third does not carry a frost, there will be to organize heating.

Before to begin arrangement of own warehouse, it is needed to study suitable suggestions on the lease of warehouse facilities. Large companies offer the equipped areas on that all terms are already created : there are pallets, illumination, heating etc.

A warehouse for building materials will come in handy for many people:

  • to the profile shops for storage of commodity
  • builders and finishers, so as not to clutter up the site
  • those who have bought building materials in advance but have put the work off for a while
  • to the private persons and firms, that want to sell surpluses stopping behind after repair or building.

By the winter of price on building materials below, than in summer. Professionals buy in small parties with a discount and keep them, to economize. This is also the case for homeowners who want to reduce repair costs. Some materials are more convenient to buy all at once than to pick up a little at a time. For example, the tint of clout mixture or wallpapers with the identical article can slightly differentiate in different parties.

How to keep building materials?

Cement and gypsum in sacks need to be laid on a pallet, that distance to the ground was 150-200 мм. To ten rows are assumed, criss-cross. The clearance between the wall and the cement bags should be 150 mm, for gypsum 500 mm. In winter, you will need a dry room. It is advisable to wrap each bag in cling film.

For sand, crushed stone and gritstone you need a firm base with a slight slope that will ensure water drainage. The terms of bricks storage depend on his kind:

  • fire-clay, ceramic – fold stacks on pallets under awning, road clearances are needed for aeration
  • cladding – only in an apartment with protecting from moisture and sun
  • silicate – in a dry room or under a roof in polythene to protect against getting wet

Irrespective of type, bricks should not be stored in bulk, they will lose their strength, split and crack. Minwool should be packed in polyethylene and hidden from precipitation. This material doesn’t carry a contact with water. Rolls can not be put in two rows, flags lay piles in to two meters high.

From the high hygroscopicity of saw-timbers they are held only in dry, well ventilated apartments. For the small consignment that is delivered to the construction site, a shelter must be arranged. That boards did not get wet, they are laid on beams. To do a vent road clearance a 25 mm, use cross-bars. The plasterboard is stored horizontally on a wooden platform with a plastic liner. Sagging of edges is shut out, otherwise material becomes deformed. From above GPB also cover the layer of polyethylene. A possible height of stack is a 1200 mm.

Why store building materials properly?

The spoiled building materials fit only on a dump. One good thundershower, and cement grows into a lithoidal monolith that can not be used, mineral wool loses heat-insulation properties. Wood materials don’t need rain either, just leave them in a humid place without ventilation. The boards will absorb water vapor and deform.

More advantageous to rent a warehouse. The TetrisBOX company offers rooms of different volumes with the right conditions: there are pallets, lighting, ventilation, fire protection and lifting equipment.

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