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Rent a garage

Nowadays it has become up-to-date to rent various real estate: an apartment, a room, a garage. The temporary object usage allows one to save money, because he/she do not need to acquire it as property, especially when the premises are needed for a certain period of time. The service of renting a garage in Kyiv and Lviv for various needs is very popular.

Garage box priorities over regular garage

  • Availability of communications. All objects are supplied with electricity and heating. It is important for those users who plan to spend a long time at the object during the winter.
  • Storing things in garage is a very popular service that ordinary families and large entrepreneurs need.
  • Legal entities could rent a garage for a warehouse. It is the way one could store the goods in the process of their sale.
  • Low prices. The large number of offers causes competition. Accordingly, the price for temporary usage becomes more profitable.
  • 24-hour security and video surveillance. One does not have to worry about his/her belongings.

What could be stored in a garage?

  • Seasonal things;
  • Sports equipment (skis, sledges, surfboards, training machines);
  • Office products;
  • Products for online shops;
  • Books, fishing and hunting supplies;
  • Accounting and banking documents;
  • Furniture and household appliances;
  • Bicycles, scooters, motorcycles;
  • And much more.

The advantages of renting a garage in our company.

  • Profitable. Here one can use the rental service with both daily and monthly payment – it is a very relevant offer;
  • Simply. No additional fees or vague restrictions. Garage rent in 3 steps: to call, to arrive, to pay;
  • Comfortable. One will not be ashamed to invite business partners to the placement;
  • Conveniently. The premises are located next to busy streets, where all the necessary infrastructure objects are located.

Renting a garage in Kyiv and Lviv is a modern service that will help one keep things and save money.

Just call our company, and we will immediately select the right option for you!

Rent a garage

Your obvious benefits

A large selection of garage premises

A large selection of garage premises

We will help you choose both the price and the territory

Flexible set of options

Flexible set of options

Heated or unheated garage, its dimensions

That's how it looks

Rent a garage box in Kiev.

Parking places are different, you can find anything from the old metal garages, to the modern underground parking. Prices are also very different, as those who were searching for a garage for rent found out. New houses are usually high-rise, and the number of residents is so large that it is not possible to Park a car in the yard. We are ready to help you choose a car box that is affordable and meets your needs as much as possible.

Garage rental in Kiev.

In our capital, numerous personal transport, and a place where you can put the car at night, sometimes you have to look for quite a long time. Forget about this problem, choose a garage in Kiev for rent from our company from convenient location and price options.

Rent a garage

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Satisfied customers

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