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We arrange delivery service of your belongings to our self storage qualitatively, quickly and easily

We provide «turnkey» self storage
delivery service:

  • we will pick up the appropriate car
  • we will be on time
  • we will load and unload belongings carefully
  • everything will be easy and reliable with us

Do three simple steps and we’ll do the rest

Tell us what<br>you need to deliver

Tell us what
you need to deliver

And we will choose
the right vehicle

Select<br>date and time

date and time

And we will book
deliver for you

Use<br>the service

the service

And we will take care
of your belongings as if they were your own

“Delivery” service

“Delivery” is a service for the transportation of belongings from their current location to the storage area and from the storage to the point of destination. The service includes an assessment of the volume and weight of the cargo, choosing of a vehicles, loading, transportation, and unloading.

Service features

The organization of delivery is in the zone of our responsibility. Loading, transportation, and unloading are carried out by our partners — a team of professional loaders and drivers.

We adapt the service to your request:

  • use the service regardless of the weight and volume of your belongings: our partners’ vehicle fleet consists of vehicles of different body volumes and carrying capacities;
  • the price depends on the weight and size of cargo, chosen vehicle, number of staff involved and their operating time;
    adjust the cost and speed of service: if you are limited in time — we will attract more loaders if there is no need to complete the work in a short time — the price will be reduced;
  • it is not necessary for you to be present during transportation, it is enough to be at the storage area to accept the work performed.

Transportation stages

Service is carried out in the following stages:

  • your conversation with the manager: clarifying of the details;
    selection: we look for a car, assess the number of loaders needed;
  • approval: we agree on the cost and date of transportation;
  • transportation: we pick up belongings, bring them to the storage area, unload them into the boxes;
  • signing the contract: if the box rental contract has not yet been concluded, we sign the documents immediately after delivery.

To rent a box for storing personal belongings
To rent a box for business

Use the “Delivery” service

Leave your phone number by clicking on the “Leave a request” button. The manager will contact you to clarify the details and starts the preparation of the transportation.

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