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Povitroflotskyi Avenue, 64 Povitroflotskyi Avenue, 64
Sevastopol Square
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Suburban railway station
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St. Partizanska street, 17 St. Partizanska street, 17
BC Sun City
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About TetrisBOX

Tetris Box is a modern service for storing personal belongings and business property with 24/7 access

Today, we offer convenient locations in Kyiv Lviv and Odesa.
Our warehouses are separate storage boxes with an area of 1m3 or more. The optimal temperature regime and humidity are maintained in the warehouses. Lease terms can be from 1 month to many years. The complex is under the control of the security service around the clock.

We provide comprehensive turnkey services with delivery, loaders and packaging.

You always have 24/7 access to the self storage units so you can bring and pick up things when you need without any restrictions.

Over many years of successful work, we have learned to understand the needs of customers and provide quality storage services.

By contacting us, you will receive the best service.

6 years

Market experience


Satisfied customers


Storage areas

Our team

Clients work with us because

With us, you rent a warm, dry and clean premises with an area of 1 to 200 m2 with security, video surveillance and 24/7 access for storing personal items, children's items, furniture, household appliances, sports equipment, various materials and goods
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storage size

Choose TetrisBox size and do not overpay for unused space.

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24/7 availability

You get access to your TetrisBox at any time convenient for you.

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Convenient location

TetrisBox selfstorages are located near Lybidskaya metro station and Petrovka metro station

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Best price

Affordable prices and long term rental discounts

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Hundreds of satisfied customers

All of our customers are pleased with our service

We are trusted
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