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Lease of a responsible storage warehouse

Lease of a responsible storage warehouse

If you live in the city of Kiev, then I hasten to please you, it is in your city that there is a warehouse for responsible storage of things!

This is where you can take all the unnecessary or valuable things that are stuffed to the top of your apartment.

We guarantee high-quality maintenance of your property in specially designated boxes, which you can order exactly for your needs.

Lease of a responsible storage warehouse

Rent of a responsible storage warehouse in Kiev.

In your city, you can rent a special room with an area from one to 35 square meters. This is absolutely safe, our warehouses are equipped with video surveillance cameras and fire safety. And your precious property will be kept under close surveillance by physical security.

Responsible storage.

Leave your belongings with us and do not be afraid, we will bring them from door to door at your convenience absolutely around the clock. And in case of damage or loss, we are obliged to compensate the losses in full. Keep your things wisely, keep them with us!

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You can support the AFU by donating to one of the funds: https://u24.gov.ua/ https://prytulafoundation.org/ https://savelife.in.ua/

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