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Kyiv, Mykoly Vasylenko, 2
Kyiv, Mykoly Vasylenko, 2 Beresteyska
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Kyiv, Zaliznychne Highway, 21
Kyiv, Zaliznychne Highway, 21 Lybidska
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Kyiv, Stepan Bandera Avenue, 20A
Kyiv, Stepan Bandera Avenue, 20A Pochayna
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Kyiv, Air Forces Avenue, 64
Kyiv, Air Forces Avenue, 64 Sevastopol Square
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Kyiv, str. Olesya Berdnyka, 67
Kyiv, str. Olesya Berdnyka, 67 Nykvy
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Lviv, Tobilevycha 8
Lviv, Tobilevycha 8 Railway station
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Lviv, Horodotska, 128A
Lviv, Horodotska, 128A Suburban railway station
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Odesa, Partizanska 17
Odesa, Partizanska 17 BC Sun City
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Storage box

Storage box

Luggage Storage: Convenient Solution for Comfort-seeking Travelers

Have you arrived in Lviv, but it’s not yet time to check into your hotel? Or perhaps you have plans in the city, but your luggage is hindering your mobility? Not to worry! Luggage storage is a simple and reliable way to keep your belongings safe while you explore the city. No more dragging heavy bags or worrying about their security. Simply leave them in our storage facility and feel free to explore the city to your heart’s content.

Why Choose Our Luggage Storage?

  • Security and Accessibility: Our storage facilities are equipped with modern security systems to ensure the safety of your belongings. Easy access to storage units allows you to quickly retrieve or deposit your items.
  • Flexible Storage Options: You can opt for our “bag for a day” service or choose a longer storage period based on your needs. We offer various sizes of storage compartments suitable for storing anything from small bags to large suitcases.
  • Ease of Use: Select the desired size of storage compartment, book online or via phone, and drop off your belongings at the storage point. Enjoy the city without the burden of extra luggage!
  • Time Saving: By storing your belongings in our facility, you can immediately set off on excursions, visit museums, restaurants, or meet friends without worrying about your bags.

We guarantee that your belongings will be kept in optimal conditions, and you can retrieve them at any time convenient for you.

Adapting to Traveler’s Needs

We understand that every traveler has unique needs, so our service is tailored to provide maximum convenience. Whether you require storage for sports equipment, electronics, or simply clothing, our storage facilities ensure ideal conditions for all types of your belongings.

Accessibility in Key Locations

Our storage lockers are located in convenient spots throughout Lviv, ensuring easy access regardless of your location in the city. It’s convenient, efficient, and saves you time.
By using our storage locker, you not only get a place to store your belongings but also the opportunity to make your stay in Lviv more pleasant and comfortable. Our mission is to make your journey easier and your memories brighter.

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