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Kyiv, Zaliznychne Highway, 21 Lybidska
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Kyiv, Stepan Bandera Avenue, 20A Pochayna
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Kyiv, Air Forces Avenue, 64
Kyiv, Air Forces Avenue, 64 Sevastopol Square
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Kyiv, str. Olesya Berdnyka, 67
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Lviv, Horodotska, 128A Suburban railway station
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Tire storage

Dont have enough space for your tires ? Keep them with us until next change!

  • secure accommodation
  • physical security and security camera
  • selection of convenient location
  • fast and high-quality service
  • optimal price for seasonal storage
  • round-the-clock access to tires always
  • tire service near the warehouse

We are happy to save your tires safely, in a convenient place, with constant access!

Tire storage
Сезонне зберігання шин

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Зберігання автомобільних шин Київ

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Tire storage: basic rules

Tire storage: basic rules

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Do three simple steps and we’ll do the rest.

Tell us how many tires
you need to store.

And we will find the best solution.


And we will reserve a place for you.

the service

And we will take care of your tires as if they were your own.

“Car Tire Storage” services

“Car Tire Storage” – a service for storing tires and wheels at the territory of our storage. Сar owners use service all year round.

Profitable storage of car tires

Keeping tires in specialized storage lets you free up space on the balcony, in the corridor, in the closet, or in the garage.

As a result of special storing conditions at our storage you get:

  • longer tire life;
  • rubber is protected from possible deformation;
  • the tire specifications are retained.

Tires are stored in a separate space where all the necessary conditions are maintained: it has the optimal temperature and humidity level, there is no direct sunlight.

How car tires are stored

We guarantee the safety and the security of tires taken for storage. 

Taking tires for storage consists of the following steps:

  • You bring the tires personally or we pick them up at the address you mentioned  as part of the “Delivery” service (for details on how the “Delivery” functions see the “Delivery” page);
  • We attach to the tires a label with information that allows not to confuse your tires with the tires of other customers ;
  • During all the storing term tires are kept in a separate room specially equipped for storing car tires and discs (if necessary, tires can be stored in a separate box);
  • You can pick up your car tires any time you need  (you can also order the “Delivery” of tires from the storage to your address).

If you have special requirements for the storage of your car tires, for example, rolling them or using special means – preliminarily discuss the requirements with our manager.

Use the service “Car Tire Storage”

Open the feedback form by clicking on the “Submit your application” button and send your phone number. We will contact you, discuss all the issues, and agree on a convenient way of transferring tires for storage.

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