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Rules for Effective Moving — A Comprehensive Guide

Even such a complex process as moving can become an easy task with well-planned action! It is extremely important not to postpone plans until the last moment — when the car with movers should arrive. The optimal time to start preparing for the move is 2-3 days in advance. This will allow you to complete the process in one day and quickly begin to settle down in a new place.

Take care about transport and additional working hands

It is necessary a few days before the expected date of moving to find a truck suitable for carrying capacity. Now there are many specialized services with hundreds of options for such offers. Before ordering the service, check if movers services are included in the list. It is also necessary to clarify the details of the tariff — the cost can be calculated according to the hourly rate or based on the distance. The final cost of moving in both cases will be different, so you should choose the most optimal option for yourself.

Even if there are movers, additional working hands will not be superfluous. Be sure to enlist the help of relatives, friends, or work colleagues – two or three people will be enough for this purpose.

Have enough packing material

Cardboard boxes, polypropylene bags, heavy garbage bags, as well as paper, scotch tape, and jute twine – these things should be with a margin! If you don’t have enough crates, you can ask for them at your nearest grocery store. Some supermarkets are special stands tables with cardboard boxes that you can take for free.

Pack your belongings and furniture properly

Bulky cabinet furniture is best taken apart in parts to make it easier to move and load into the car. Drawers and cabinet doors are sealed with tape so that they do not interfere with transportation. Glasses and mirrors are wrapped in a thick cloth, for example, a rug or bedspread, and then rewound with tape or twine.

Clothes, home textiles, and soft toys are best packed in bags or heavy garbage bags. Separately pack minor things and label the packages with things essentials. Do the same with boxes in which the following items are stacked:

  • dishes;
  • shower items;
  • medicines;
  • documents;
  • toys.

Be sure to put special marks on boxes with fragile items, and do not forget to warn the movers to carry them carefully. In the future, with the help of these labels will be easier to find the necessary things.

If you understand that you will not need some things or furniture shortly, then it is better to send them to the TetrisBOX temporary storage warehouse. This is convenient for several reasons. Firstly, in order not to overpay for extra space in the warehouse, you can choose and use the most suitable area; secondly, all this time your belongings will be guarded in a dry heated room with security. You can also transport items from the balcony to such a warehouse so that they do not interfere during the move.

Create a place to relax in your new home

On the very first day of the move, you should not immediately put all things in their places and install all the furniture. You can perfectly equip your new home the next day, after a good rest, and gain enough strength. On the first day of moving, it is enough to equip one of the rooms in the house or apartment with minimal comfort. Make sure you have a cozy sleeping area and some shelves for your essentials. If, when packing items, you put special marks on the boxes, then it will not be difficult for you to quickly find what you need.

The tips listed above will help you organize the process of moving to a new home! The same principles are at work and, if necessary, to move from one office building to another.

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