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Kyiv, Zaliznychne Highway, 21
Kyiv, Zaliznychne Highway, 21 Lybidska
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Kyiv, Stepan Bandera Avenue, 20A
Kyiv, Stepan Bandera Avenue, 20A Pochayna
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Kyiv, Air Forces Avenue, 64
Kyiv, Air Forces Avenue, 64 Sevastopol Square
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Kyiv, str. Olesya Berdnyka, 67
Kyiv, str. Olesya Berdnyka, 67 Nykvy
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Kyiv, Mykoly Vasylenko, 2
Kyiv, Mykoly Vasylenko, 2 Beresteyska
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Lviv, Tobilevycha 8
Lviv, Tobilevycha 8 Railway station
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Lviv, Horodotska, 128A
Lviv, Horodotska, 128A Suburban railway station
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Odesa, Partizanska 17
Odesa, Partizanska 17 BC Sun City
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Rent a Mini Warehouse for Furniture Storage with Comfort!

Your home or workspace is not just a place to keep furniture; it’s a reflection of your style, comfort, and taste. Occasionally, circumstances may arise when you need to temporarily free up space for repairs, redecoration, or remodeling. This is where the need for reliable furniture storage arises.

Our service provides secure, dry, and spacious storage for household and office furniture for any duration. Thanks to our state-of-the-art facilities and humidity and temperature control systems, your valuables will remain untouched.

Types of Storage

Our service offers the following storage options:

  • Short-term storage: Need to temporarily relocate furniture for repairs or cleaning? We’ll help you keep them safe.
  • Long-term storage: Plans have changed, and your furniture is in the way? Store them with us until needed.

Why Choose Us?

We provide the highest level of protection for your furniture against dust, moisture, and damage. Your beloved pieces will remain as good as new, just like on the first day.

Choose with confidence – store with us! Your furniture deserves the best.

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