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Kyiv, Mykoly Vasylenko, 2
Kyiv, Mykoly Vasylenko, 2 Beresteyska
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Kyiv, Zaliznychne Highway, 21
Kyiv, Zaliznychne Highway, 21 Lybidska
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Kyiv, Stepan Bandera Avenue, 20A
Kyiv, Stepan Bandera Avenue, 20A Pochayna
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Kyiv, Air Forces Avenue, 64
Kyiv, Air Forces Avenue, 64 Sevastopol Square
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Kyiv, str. Olesya Berdnyka, 67
Kyiv, str. Olesya Berdnyka, 67 Nykvy
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Lviv, Tobilevycha 8
Lviv, Tobilevycha 8 Railway station
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Lviv, Horodotska, 128A
Lviv, Horodotska, 128A Suburban railway station
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Odesa, Partizanska 17
Odesa, Partizanska 17 BC Sun City
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How to rent garage in Kyiv?

The TetrisBox offers the required services of storage of personal things and other property of private persons and organizations in Kyiv and Lviv. If you are looking for a warehouse or garage for keeping things for short or long term lease, we will always be glad to help.

The service of storage of things will allow you to take advantage of additional warehouse areas and do not worry at the same time for preservation and integrity of your personal property, products, raw materials, machinery and goods of different purpose.

Our warehouse facilities are located at different addresses in the capital and in Lviv near the offices of the company Nova Post. This will allow the tenant to transfer their property to another city to the nearest address if necessary.

When it necessary ?

Many renters have already taken advantage of our offer, removing warehouses and garages for storage of things in such situations as:

  • office travel;
  • repair in a house or apartment;
  • preservation of equipment and equipment for winter;
  • long trip to another country, etc.

If you have expensive equipment, if you need to temporarily keep purchased furniture in an unfinished house, if you want to ensure the preservation of personal property for the longest possible time, the lease of warehouse facilities from our company will be the optimal choice.

Rental of Tetrisbox warehouse is an opportunity to use different types of premises in area and size, taking into account the peculiarities of your personal property, which is considered for storage. But how does the system of leasing itself work?

How it works

Most storage units operate under the same scheme, which proved its effectiveness. As soon as you find a warehouse or garage for storing tires, for example, next to you at one of the addresses offered by Tetrisbox, you will sign a contract for a certain period of time.

Your personal stock is a place where you keep your things and property. The minimum contract term is usually one month, but we are always ready to meet the client if it is critical.

There are some limitations when using the things storage service. The renter cannot live in a rented garage, and also use it for doing business directly on the warehouse. In some warehouses can not be searched after 22 hours, so if you store in the garage musical instruments of your group, rehearsals can be held only at a certain time.

Only a copy of the passport or ID card with a statement of the place of registration is required for the conclusion of the agreement. You also need a phone contact number, your e-mail, and a list of people who can use a rented box or garage.

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