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Advantages of storage rent

The modern rhythm of life is not conducive to a measured and extensive lifestyle. For most residents of megalopolises and large cities, a house is a place to sleep and rarely family and friends meetings. Young people often prefer rented housing, which means that there is less and less opportunity and desire to acquire belongings. But there are such things which we cannot get away from. And they require storage.

Piano Sanatorium

Everyone is familiar with the situation when the children have grown up, and the grandchildren are still only a project, but the old working piano should certainly wait for the genius composer, pianist or music director of the kindergarten to be born in the family. But until the time has come, and an angular friend strives to place its varnished sides on your way…

Or, for example, winter tires, a spares’ set and a great tractor tire, which would definitely be needed the next year. They all dreary languish on the fragile balcony of the five-story building in the meantime.

And absolutely up-to-date – the office began to act in a remote way, the premises were subleased, and furniture and office equipment were piled up in a heap in the common hallway, waiting for their fate…

If previously only the magician Copperfield was able to solve such problems, these days the issue of honestly acquired property keeping could be solved with one phone call.
TETRIS BOX company will comfortably accommodate your belongings in a special-purpose royal apartment.

How it works

One hand it over and TETRIS BOX accepts the property for safekeeping. For its placement, dry, clean, ventilated premises from 1 to 120 m² are provided: warehouses, containers, garages. A service for storing personal belongings and business property works for you around the clock in Kiev and Lviv. Choose the most convenient location warehouse for you and rent it for storing:

  • large and not only furniture;
  • household and office equipment;
  • tires, disks, wheels;
  • personal belongings;
  • documents;
  • machinery;
  • sports equipment, etc.

The company will ensure the safety of your property for the period specified in the contract. Security and video surveillance organized at all TETRIS BOX warehouses is a guarantee of the integrity and safety of the things left.

The microclimate of heated and ventilated premises provides protection against dampness and mold, fungi and bacteria formation.

If you are forced to walkabout from apartment to apartment or from office to office in search of the best option, you do not have to carry bulky luggage with you: just leave it in the warehouse and pick it up as soon as you decide on a permanent location place. At the same time, you will always have free access to belongings at any time of the day.

You no longer have to occupy the useful space of the garage with winter tires – just hand them over to TETRIS BOX, and equip the vacated space for relaxation in a warm men’s company or make a rack for canned goods to the delight of your spouse.

Always in touch

To complete an application or clarify details, we offer a full range of types of communication:

  • WatsApp;
  • Viber;
  • Telegram;
  • callback;
  • an interactive application form;
  • addresses of offices and warehouses for a personal meeting.

The company’s website provides a calculator for counting the cost of renting the proposed premises. This convenient tool will allow you to objectively assess your and service’s capabilities.
Company’s clients could count on participation in promotions and receiving discounts. Long-term cooperation as a basis of customer relations allows TETRIS BOX to successfully compete in the service market and develop, in order to create even more attractive conditions for its customers.

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