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Where to store your stuff during the rent of the apartment?

Where to store your stuff during the rent of the apartment?

When renting the apartment, the main question is where to put your stuff, domestic appliances, and furniture. Sometimes people leave furniture with their neighbors or family; or take them to the basement or garage. However, not everyone has a basement or garage. Moreover, this is an unsafe option – due to administrative security rules, as well as due to the possibility of theft or damage. It’s the same with keeping things with neighbors. We cannot be sure that our neighbor’s two-year-old daughter will not suddenly discover her artistic talent and decorate our new wardrobe with beautiful bright colors.

It may also be a bad idea to keep things with a family with pets if you leave your new leather chair while renting out and find it with new decorations in the form of scratches from cat or dog claws.

Downsides of storing things in a basement or garage. If you have one, you need to think carefully and answer to question – is your basemen or garage the best solution? Are they 100% safe?

An isolated tin garage is usually not suited for storing an old wooden chest of drawers, personal possessions, a new leather chair, or a valuable painting.

Garages are often damp, they are also dirty (dust and dirt are collected) – this is not conducive to storing household appliances in them.

The conditions in the basements are similar to garages, in addition, unwanted rodents such as rats or mice may appear there. In addition to the above issues of storing personal possessions, there is also the issue of the security of the premises. Usually these places are not protected in any way. Almost every resident has access to the basements in the block. An isolated garage is not a problem either. Therefore, such places are easy to break in. Garages and basements are also affected by the weather. It is enough that the rainy season will begin and the basement will suddenly be flooded with rain.

Warehouse is the best option! You also need to ensure that furniture, equipment and stuff are stored in the right conditions, protected from factors such as humidity, sun and extreme temperatures. In addition, they must be protected from theft or damage. The best solution in such a situation would be to use the warehouse, where the furniture will be stored for the period of renting the apartment.

Of course, someone can say that furniture can be just handed over to family or friends when renting out. In fact, such a decision is a serious obstacle for your neighbors or loved ones – the furniture take their personal space and makes it difficult to use their own equipment. You can also get rid of furniture permanently, for example, by giving it to those in need, selling it or just throwing away – the truth is that furniture is not the cheapest thing, and after the termination of the lease, it will be useful to you.

Advantages of renting a warehouse from TetrisBOX

Renting a TetrisBOX warehouse for self-storage can be a much cheaper option than another unnecessary investment. If you still want to continue using your furniture after renting out the apartment, you need to ensure it is reliably protected – regardless of whether you want to store it for several weeks or months.

In the TetrisBOX warehouse, cleanliness and optimum room temperature are top priorities. Nothing will suffer – an easy chair, household appliances, a favorite lamp and a carved solid wood table will be completely safe. Since the TetrisBOX warehouses maintain a constant room temperature, there is no moisture accumulation. Also, impeccable cleanliness is maintained and the danger of attack by pests is excluded in advance.

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