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Storage of things at the time of departure

Going to the journey? Show caring about things abandon that.

You planned a journey, checked all documents, bought a new suitcase, prepared necessary things, gave a cat to the friends. But are not you abandoned by feeling of uncompleteness, alarm? Did you forget to do something important? What about your personal belongings that will stay at home? Who will look after them? Friends exactly will not take yet and a box with things, in addition to the cat.

This is when you need to use a storage service. Depositing valuable things – stay calm. No thieves or inattentive neighbours are not frightful them. We will present that you live on a removable apartment. Thus your departure will last a month, two or anymore. Apartment quite good, but also paying rent for all the time of journey is not desirable. But where to put all things, furniture? Here and expensive warehouse turns out. Pass everything, in a time of departure, to professional storage service. This decision will allow considerably to economize.

Service of storage of belongings. What is it?

A storage service allows you to rent out a flat, a so-called box, for storing personal belongings as well as   business possessions. The service is based on the principle of cloud storage on your phone, only instead of files, it’s things. You have the option of renting the space you need for a certain period of time. Service of storage of belongings appeared a long ago, 6000 about back. But the first warehouse, look like modern, opened in 1958 in the USA. After a while, the popular service spread to Europe. Ukraine’s individual savings sector only started to take shape in 2015. Now she develops swiftly. All more people use services of depositories.

Where can I use the service?

Ukrainian company TetrisBOX provides professional storage services in Kiev and Lviv. The company works 3 years  already. For this time 1100 clients took advantage of services. More than 600 clients apply constantly. The company gives services:warehouse for a house, warehouse for business, services of delivery “turn-key”, storages of motor-car tires, and also leases of containers. Warehouses are in central districts, also alongside there are separations of Nova Poshta.

Features of storage :

  • Reliability. 24 hour security, 24/7 video videomonitoring, alarm system. We do everything that your things were out of harm’s way. On every box an individual lock is set. Ensuring that only you will have access. You have the option of handing over the key to a trusted person previously appointed in the contract.
  • Keeping things safe. We take care of your belongings. Our warehouses are dry, warm rooms. We provide an optimal temperature and humidity, that allows to keep any things almost.
  • You can come at any time. We do not have interruptions. To you necessarily without deceleration will give access to your boxing in the day and night.
  • Delivery of things in warehouse. If there is not time or desire to transport things – we will give professional longshoremen and will deliver to the thing. We deliver to the warehouse as well as take out.
  • The customer is protected by a contract. We sign a rental agreement when the service is arranged. Your belongings are also insured.

How to order service?

You can leave a request on our homepage and our operators will ring you up. We will expect the necessary to you size of box, price and will answer all interesting questions. Also an on-line-calculator works on a web-site. Service automatically will represent the cost of rent depending on the parameters entered by you. You can be calm entrusting things to the TetrisBox company.

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