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How to calculate the required storage space

At first glance, it seems that the calculation of the area of lease of warehouse premises is not difficult. Already after the first attempt to make it yourself, you understand how much this statement is not. But the error in the calculation can then be in considerable monetary expenses. It is necessary to understand how to do it correctly. Our article is intended to help you in this.

Production area is a sum of useful and auxiliary (office) area. Often incorrect calculation of the total area is due to the fact that these two values forget to include all their components.

Useful area

It includes the area, which will be occupied by goods (building materials, household appliances, toys, etc.). E.). To calculate the useful area you should take into account:

  1. Loading on 1 square meters of the premises. e. square meters, which takes goods on a day and a month;
  2. How much time the products will be stored in the warehouse;
  3. It is possible to make a reserve area in case of unforeseen situations. It can be assumed that its value is 10% of the planned turnover.

The percentage in the last point is very close. First of all, they are determined by whether a particular product is sold or not. If it failed to implement it, and the new party is already in the approach, it should be placed so that the composition continues to work without problems.

Auxiliary area

It includes:

  • Area for staff serving . Determined by the norms laid down by law. Its range is from 3 m2 to 5 m2 for each employee;
  • The area is necessary to ensure free passage of vehicles with cargo and lifts, which accept goods, then transport it for storage. It is necessary to take into account the variant of arrival of two machines at the same time. There should be enough space in the warehouse to allow them to move freely;
  • The area under other equipment. It is taken away for storage of equipment, without which the full work of the warehouse is not possible. Also the area is needed for storage of a mop, a vater, a wreak, a bottom and other things of this kind. For them it is better to leave a separate room. Then the dirt from the composition will not be able to influence the functionality of the mentioned instruments.

After you know the specific meaning of each area, they should be made between each other. All, production area is calculated.

Recall that for each firm or enterprise production area requires individual calculation, so it depends on a lot of factors. The main thing to realize the principle behind which it is conducted, then to consider it will be much easier.

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