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Attributes for camping and active rest. Where to store

Every amateur of active lifestyle and recreation on the nature has the necessary equipment in its arsenal. The most common things and means for tourism and camping are tents, inflatable mattresses, difficult chairs and chairs, inflatable bags, and also many related items: dishes, equipment for hunting or fishing, sport, oars, sleeping bags, special clothes for camping and tourism.

Popular, but not always convenient storage places

Logically, if there are numerous and not very things for active rest there is a question about their storage, and here people are very inventive, but not always chosen ways of storage are optimal, and practically for everyone can be called significant minuses:

  • Storage of the house. In a small apartment especially do not want extra things and space, because every meter of square on the account, in addition, different inventory may look in the living space not very esthetically. But even if you are the owner of a rather large living space, it is not always possible to have the appropriate accommodation for storing the inventory, which could be occupied without displeasure from other family members and with the preservation of sufficient free space.
  • Storage at the cottage. Most often you will spend extra time to arrive and take away the required inventory. For example, you are at home, and friends are unplanned to offer you to go to nature. Moreover, not every cottage has a sufficient degree of protection from unsolicited guests, and perhaps will have to fear for the preservation of things.
  • Storage in the garage. Side things in a specially designated place for a car can interfere with you and take a lot of space, and you are unlikely to want to accidentally hook a car when parking.
  • Storage with friends. In this case, all of the above mentioned disadvantages can be added the factor that far not always storage will be convenient for the familiar and members of his family. Problems may be added.

Tetrisbox is the optimal modern service for storage

To avoid the above disadvantages and inconveniences, you can take advantage of the progressive and always up-to-date offer from Tetrisbox , such as a service of storing things, the idea of which is really practical and will help everyone to separate the space for life and storage. This service can solve the issue of storage of any inventory and equipment of residents of such cities as Kyiv and Lviv, and storage conditions are clear and most convenient for users.

The best storage conditions for things and inventory

Not always for storage you need to rent a warehouse, which is also provided by the service, but ergonomic and fully safe boxes will be an excellent option for storage virtually anything. Imagine that instead of being in a hurry to collapse maybe not very clean metal and put other equipment in an attempt to put it in an apartment or garage, you can safely put it in a special box.

Choosing TetrisBbox for storage of tents and other attributes of camping, at a pleasant price you will be able to place things in a warm and dry, reliable box area from 1m2 with convenient location and service, which includes round-the-clock access to the premises with video surveillance and protection.

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