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Offer for offices that have switched to telecommuting

Coronavirus become a reason of many companies sent their staff to work remotely and this is a reason to believe that such problem will continue few months at least. Though its difficult to organize your work properly under such circumstances and our company has profitable proposition for you. Many companies continue rent offices. There are many reasons. One of them is that it is not known how to dispose of office things. The smartest thing to do – is to put them in storage in special warehouses.

There are many reasons to do that

    • You shouldn’t pay for rent again

The rent, as a rule, isn’t cheap, and under the circumstances its also completely unnecessary. It used to be clear what you were paying for. There was an active stream of visitors, orders and applications were accepted. The rent paid it off, office work was in full swing, everything was organized and we will help you to continue your work on profitable terms. The interaction between employees and customers should be organized in the internet. The office, in fact is extra link.

    • Empty premises with expensive equipment is temptation for thieves

The office with furniture and expensive electronic equipment is a lure for thieves. Empty but richly-furnished flats are known to be the most frequently stolen. From this point of view, offices s not much different from them and attract the robbers attention. Also your offices are unattended all these days. Quarantine concerns everyone. Even during the day, stealing has become much easier to do.

    • Possibility to safe on staff

It’s possible to calculate the security guards and employees of some other positions, which are necessary even in empty, non-working office. Considering that, the company already suffers from a small loss or at least a loss of profit during this period, the savings will be very helpful.

    • You shouldn’t pay for expensive alarm installation

Good alarm system couldn’t be cheap. As the office is empty day and night, this is exactly what you need. You should pay for its installation, service and so on. This is a very big expense. As a rule, the equipment is imported.

    • Possibility to make more rational use of the funds released due to cancellation of the lease.

The money can be spent on organizing coordinated teamwork. There is a common misconception that it will not be possible to organize the teamwork of employees outside the office. In part its true, always the company can not be without office. It is still more convenient to receive customers in the office. But few months with purchasing special software installed on the computers of remotely working employees and other measures (also not cheep) it will be possible to survive and then return.

Many people do not know where to go to put their things on keeping

We recommend the «Tetris Box» service for keeping things and business property. The company offers not only keeping service, but also the organization of transport to the warehouse, careful loading and unloading. All will be done quickly and gently. Depending on the volume and type of things, for its safety you can get different types of warehouse. 24/7 security, video surveillance, owners’ access to their keepings and what is especially important now, not high prices.

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