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Country house inventory, where and how to store it

Storage of garden equipment after the end of the summer season is a problem that most city lovers have to solve annually. And we do not mean happy people, whose villages are under protection, because of which they can safely leave all tools and equipment in a shed or in a cottage. It is about the share of the dacha, who are afraid – and not without grounds, for the preservation of the things left on the cottage and are forced to transport them to the city.

Where to place the cottage inventory for storage

There may be several options. The imported treasure usually consists of:

  • in garages;
  • basements;
  • pantry;
  • on balconies.

After that, the task of storage organization can be considered fulfilled – if you do not pay attention to easy charset, the premises are actively used. Every time you go out on the balcony, go to the garage or go down in the basement, you will get to the eye and stop the movement of things that should not be there. Rakes, shovels, lawn mowers and other objects will interfere with the full use of space and easy discomfort later can be interrupted in this irritation.

Clutter is not the only problem that arises when storing the dacoyed inventory in poorly adapted places. The structure, which is characterized by basement and balcony premises can lead to deformation of wooden elements, formation of corrosion on metal parts. Spoiled tools will have to dispose and buy new instances filling in losses. And if you replace the soot or a shovel the problem will not be, the new cultivator will hit the budget quite noticeably.

The reasons for finding an alternative solution are more than enough. And it has long been found. The most adequate, comfortable and popular method of storage of summer instruments is the lease of storage boxes. All your things can be placed in a dry, heated room, located under round-the-clock protection. Tetrisbox is ready to provide you with a reliable box with an area from 1 to 150 m2 in Kyiv and Lviv. Here, your things will always be safe under the protection of security and video surveillance cameras.

Advantages of storage of a cottage instrument on the Tetrisbox

When making a decision to rent a box you get to use a personal guarded warehouse with round-the-clock access, placed in a specialized room. Only tenants are allowed to enter the territory. If you have any questions, you can always invite a video surveillance recording.

Security and preservation of things is ensured by:

  • protection 24/7;
  • video surveillance systems – outside and inside the premises – in the corridors;
  • fire alarms and racks with fire extinguishers;
  • heating system and air-conditioners – prevent fumigation of things, protect the premises from fire and the emergence of a fungus.

The basic set of the container can be supplemented with sockets, shelving, stands, additional lighting – depending on the desire of the tenant. For greater peace of mind, you can set a personal lock. Keep things comfortable!

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