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Where to store things in Kyiv?

The Tetrisbox company offers you the convenience of temporary or permanent storage in Kyiv and Lviv. If you are looking for a warehouse or a garage for storing things and want to take it in short or long term lease, we are always at your service.

Our storage facilities are located in the capital and in Lviv near the offices of the new mail. It is quite convenient, because it allows you to transfer and receive your things if necessary. The warehouses are located at different addresses, so you can always choose the most convenient option for you.

Why it is profitable

The Tetrisbox service of storage things is really convenient and profitable for tenants. Long-term storage is not a new business: In Europe and the USA it has been successfully working for several decades. In Ukraine, these services are just beginning to develop, but we can already talk about the great potential of this niche.

For what you need warehouse storage? Of course, for temporary or long-term accommodation in them:

    • some personal things;
    • office property;
    • goods and products;
    • spare parts;
    • archives and documentation;
    • machinery and equipment;
    • furniture and much more.

Demand in such storage locations can occur for everyone. Rental of TetrisBOX warehouse is necessary for business, owners of which need additional storage facilities for products. Private persons need to somewhere to keep seasonal accessories or furniture when renting and renting apartments and houses. Enterprises and organizations may use such areas to store any property, including transportation.

If you have a small business (workshop, online shop), if you want to ensure the preservation of valuable large-size property, which is not contained in the apartment, if in your office repair or replanning, if you are engaged in large deliveries of products and looking for large-scale protected warehouses, our offer will be actual and overused.

Reliability, safety, security

For any owner or businessman, the preservation and security of property is a priority. This applies to both the largest market players involved in ocean transportation and delivery of products to the domestic market, and ordinary customers who want to find a reliable place for their property of temporary storage.

At the same time, the main priorities in search are not only safety and preservation during a certain time, but also convenience of use, easy access at any time, availability of the warehouse rent.

It is these requirements that correspond to the new direction of domestic business – responsible storage of things and property at twenty-four-hour warehouses protected

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