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Halloween and attributes. Where to hide it after the holiday

Halloween: It is better to scare than to be frightened

Not entirely from America

Some people believe that Halloween (or the Day of all Saints) is a product of undualistic globalization and orientation toward American values. This is a stereotype, because it is a Celtic dark holiday. The Celts — the dreams and mystics of an ancient Europe celebrated a meeting with the potibchnym in late October and called it Samayn. They believed that at this time the spirits of the dead and other perilating creatures are usually overcoming a barrier and coming into contact with people.

The British, and later the Americans only inherited from the Celts this belief, which also added to him a pagan character. As a result, the Christian church made adjustments, appointing the Day of All Saints on November 1, that is, the date that goes beyond Samayn, and falls on October 31. Although the end day of October and the name “on the eve of the Day of All Saints” came, everyone remembers that this day is the chance to face the unreality as never before. And the saints are honored to be worthy if there are still forces.

How to celebrate Halloween

For modern Ukrainians, this Celtic holiday is not a real reason to expect a clash with the primate or the owner. For the most creative of them, he became an opportunity to become unclean himself. It is on this day you can scare the counter, forcing them to be hostile, or did not escape from the hell. Also on October 31 in Kiev and Lviv are arranged parties, which can be moderate, who is a convincing perilous creation, and who seems to have gone out of bad heat.

Take care of the costume and details:

  • To scare, you need to prepare, for this purpose it is necessary to purchase clothes and attributes in advance, which will turn you into a fighter of devilish eternity. In fashion all black and closed cut. If it is white clothes, do not interfere with nice bloody stains, so everything was clear that you have resurrected the victim of a brutal murder.
  • Of course, Halloween is pumpkin, pumpkin and again pumpkin (it is easy to guess that they symbolize caps). These attributes can have different sizes and colors and be both funny and funny.
  • The cobweb is a symbol of the tinting and subduality, so before the shaman it is necessary to hang it in the premises, where the day of its breakthrough on will will be marked.
  • Artistic executed legs, washing, able to crap neophytes, who do not know what Halloween is, although they need to be careful, they are too realistic.

After the holiday

When the dark carnival of warmed, everyone was afraid, except those who better prepared and frightened others themselves, attributes should somewhere remain until next October. For this purpose it is possible to use the service of storage of things, which is offered by company Tetrisbox. The lease of this company in Ukraine is a guarantee that all the streaming attributes will survive to the new Halloween in integrity and security, and their tlins will not touch them, and the primates will not be dissected and no tick will break. As a result of the next year their owner will be able to remove the latest details from the container and once again to break into the world of mysticism and to craze their surroundings, releasing the demons to the will.

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