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Storage of skis and snowboards

Skiing is a popular outdoor activity. Upon termination of season both amateurs and professionals have to lay skis and snowboards on storage to the next winter. You will need a suitable place for these large items and the right conditions.

How you should not store equipment

For clothes and shoes there is a place in the closet, chest of drawers, dressing room. But skis and snowboards are big enough. They are hidden in a garage, send “in vacation” on the cluttered up balcony, in basement and etc… The most creative riders manage to make their favorite sports equipment part of the interior. Any of these places can be dangerous.

The materials used to make skis and snowboards tolerate the cold, but they are not suitable for the heat. Overheating not only affects the aesthetics of the equipment, but also the structure of the polymer, it crumbles during processing and reduces its performance. The same problems occur with prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light.

In the garage and basement, as well as on an unglazed balcony, snowboards and skis face another danger – moisture. High moisture levels contribute to the appearance of rust on the rims, which significantly reduces their service life. Metal oxidation is also dangerous for fasteners that lose their strength. The safety of the athlete during the descent may be in question.

Sometimes a snowboard is stored horizontally on the top shelf of a reasonably spacious cupboard. In an effort to make good use of space, owners put other items on top of the board. This should not be done because even a slight load can deform the lower teil.

Preparing for storage

Before you stash your skis for summer storage, you need to prepare them:

  • Clean off any dirt.
  • Allow to dry.
  • Grate wax on the base.
  • Tie down the center of the skid.
  • Remove to the case.

The fasteners should also be cleaned using a special product and then dried. You can’t hide skis in the case if they have at least a drop of moisture. Snowboarding is also prepared for storage:

  • It is cleaned and dried.
  • The attachments are removed and cleaned.
  • Wax treatment.
  • They hide in the case.

Specialized centres provide cleaning services for such equipment. You can’t just wash your snowboard with a sponge with soap and warm water. You need a special flush. At the beginning of the new season, old wax will have to be removed and applied fresh.

Rules of storage for skis and snowboards

The location can be anything, but it must meet the basic parameters:

  1. no moisture
  2. no sunlight
  3. moderate temperature
  4. away from any heat source

Both skis and snowboards must be in the case, the optimal position is vertical.

If it is difficult to find a suitable place in the house, it is better to rent a warehouse. The TetrisBOX company offers comfortable boxes in Kiev and Lviv. There is a suitable temperature and humidity, it is convenient to get there, there is 24/7 access to the box, etc. Objects are guarded, constant videomonitoring is carried out. To save money, you can work with rider friends and rent a common room.

On a glazed balcony, it is quite possible to create acceptable conditions: put equipment vertically, in a shady corner. Although the interior of a landscaped loggia or balcony does not always benefit from such a presence. But an open balcony is definitely not suitable for storing ski equipment, even in a case.

A wide shelf under the ceiling can solve the problem, but you need to install it away from the bathroom and heating appliances. In high-rise houses, flooding from above remains likely. Not only the walls and ceiling will suffer, but also your favorite sports equipment. If space allows, it is better to allocate a separate shallow cabinet for this.

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