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How to store tires?

Many car owners face the problem of storing covers on their car, as well as spare parts, carpets and other accessories. Personal garages are few in use, so motorists are forced to seek a decision on long-term rent in garage cooperatives, for example.

But what if you could not find a garage for storing tires and other accessories? There are situations when you find a garage, but it is located very far from the place of residence, which is rather inconvenient.

The exit is the lease of Tetrisbox in Kyiv and Lviv from our company. We offer garages and boxes of any area, which can be used not only for seasonal storage of covers, but also your vehicle.

The service of storage of items and property may be interesting to owners of such vehicles as:

  • passenger cars;
  • houses on wheels;
  • motorcycles and atv;
  • mopeds;
  • bicycles and so on.

Our storage facilities are available in the capital and in Lviv at different addresses. The garages are located near the branches of the new mail, so it will not be difficult to organize the transfer of the items to a new address if necessary.

Why you need to store the rubber properly

How do I store tires correctly to keep their geometry and operating characteristics for the longest possible period, and to ensure safety when used in the appropriate seasons? Why is proper tire storage so important?

The vast majority of Ukrainian drivers use two sets of tires: Summer and winter. When one set of tires starts a tight season, the other set must be stored correctly.

Do the tires require the appropriate conditions for seasonal storage? No doubt! Improper tire storage can cause tire deformation and severe damage, which will make it impossible to use in the next season. You should remember that tires are not cheap. And that is why they should be properly cared for. Therefore, it is important not only what tires you buy, but also how you store them.

Special features of tire storage

The material from which car tires are made is only very strong. In fact, he is sensitive to a number of factors that can irreably damage him. Therefore, safe storage of tires should exclude factors which are dangerous for tires.

Pay attention to the following nuances:

    • tires must not come into contact with lubricants, engine oils, transmission oils or other operating liquid.
    • tires must be protected from contact with chemicals such as solvents, gasoline, diesel fuel, etc.
    • tires can not be stored near heat sources, for example, the sand in the basement of a house or the pipes of central heating in the basement of a multi-apartment house.
    • the tires must not be exposed to direct and long-lasting sunlight, as UV light accelerates the aging of the rubber.

In addition, the covers must be protected from fire and sharp objects. Nothing should be on the tires or supported by them.

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