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Warehouse for storing things

Doing household chores or organizing a move, in connection with the purchase of a home, for example, It is not uncommon to be confronted with a lack of warehouse space for new and old things (tyres, rims, furniture, sports equipment, household appliances, etc.), i.e. to be faced with the need to rent a warehouse for urgent household tasks.

Despite the fact that warehouses and storage facilities are not too few today, choosing the right one for such needs does not look like a simple and trivial task at all, although it is quite solvable.

Why its so difficult to find a warehouse facility for household goods?

The main problem for those looking is that all warehouses are usually solving only their specific tasks – supply, trade, logistics, distribution, customs, etc.

By their purpose, all modern warehouses are often designed for storing food, non-food, pharmaceutical and many other types of narrow product range, so their facilities must meet their specific requirements and have the related equipment.

So all these warehouses, which addresses can be easily found in the internet, are simply designed for a special clients and you will hardly be able to find a common language with them and it will take a lot of time to negotiate.

And besides all the biggest and most convenient warehouses nearby may simply not exist, so it may not be quick and even quite expensive to move your cargo to them. Large and modern warehouse complexes are usually located on the outskirts of large cities and in large industrial zones, where to get there by public or even private transport is not always easy and convenient.

What advice can you give to people who just need to find a small place to store their belongings in connection with the repair, move or just a sudden need?

If you live, for example, in the Ukrainian capital Kiev or for example in Lviv the Tetris Box can help you. This company, has existed for over 3 years, now promotes an excellent storage service for business possessions and any personal belongings, which is perfectly adapted to solve just such problems. The company offers dry, clean, warm and guarded premises in order to store furniture in them, household appliances, sports equipment, clothing, baby clothes, auto parts and any other materials with the possibility 24/7 access to them.

The company has three warehouses in Kiev, the addresses of which can be found on our website, and in Lviv it has only one warehouse so far. But demand breeds supply and the company may soon have offers for people in other cities.

Advantages of warehouse keeping in Tetris Box company

  • Convenient location. Company warehouses are located in convenient locations in Kiev and Lviv, almost in the center, which can be easily reached not only by car, but also by public transport.
  • Clear and simple calculation of the rental price. Depending on the amount of your possessions and your current needs, Tetris BOX will provide you with a storage room from 1 to 150 square meters, the rent depending on the length of the rental period and the space occupied. Rent calculation can be easily done right on the main page of the company’s website, by using its online calculator. For example, the cost of renting 1 square meter for 1 month at the company today is 350 uah.
  • The service is easy and convenient to use. You just need to leave an application on the website of the company with your phone number and the manager himself will contact you and advise about everything.
  • All our warehouses are located near the Nova Post offices. This will make it easier for online shops and other businesses whose work involves sending and receiving parcels. This will make it easier for online stores and other businesses whose job is to send and receive parcels.

The company provides 24-hour access to your private box to make the service as convenient and comfortable as possible. The warehouse area is guarded and equipped with video monitoring which allows us to guarantee high reliability of the service provided.

The TetrisBOX company will always be happy to make you the best offer and even organize transport, according to the current offer.

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