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It’s time to get summer things

Summer has come, and it is time to get postponed things in autumn. We remove from the covers beach accessories, disassemble carefully packed or hung in cupboards dresses, blouses, skirts and T-shirts. Some things are dust, others are very soft, and the third looks as if they were not worn at all. The latter is not surprising – because according to statistics of 80% of time we wear only 20% of clothes. The rest is used much less often.

It is more difficult to store things properly. There are many thin-skinded and even designed goals of the system, how to properly put clothes, so that it takes less space.

KonMari method

An interesting way to make things for long-term storage. Of course, he will not suit any clothes. Chiffon dresses and other tender fabrics are better stored in a high position, otherwise they can remain stuck. But for knit, cotton and wool pants, jeans and t-shirts this method is ideal.

  • Carefully put things in a small rectangle.
  • We place each folded object vertically.
  • Fill in the space, laying the compiled things next to each other.

The described way is convenient to lay clothes not only on shelves of a hat, but also in different boxes, boxes, volumetric bags. Then all these carefully folded and packed things together with the container can simply be removed: Under the bed, on a closet or an antenna-box, in a niche or on a glass balcony. And even better – in general to be stored in a special box (about it – below).

Hanging clothes in a closet

We will mention some important rules for storing things in cabinets.

  • Do not store on stockings of knitted products. They can stretch heavily in a few months and completely lose shape.
  • Hang dresses, sundresses, blouses, and leave small distances between separate objects. This will improve ventilation and prevent unpleasant smells.
  • Be sure to store only thoroughly washed, cleaned and washed items. If the dress is almost invisible beach – in half a year it can be darkened and intentionally “eaten” into the material. And even a small drop of sweat will cause an extremely unpleasant smell, which can be read and neighbor things.
  • Be sure to treat the inside of the chassis with moly and other harmful agents. Otherwise, in the summer you can expect extremely unpleasant surprises.
  • Its desirable to support a comfortable temperature regime for things, to monitor moisture, periodically ventilate things.

Compliance with these requirements will help to keep your clothes in perfect condition.

Sportinventar: Bicycles, scooters, equipment

What is the holiday without a trip to the sea, barbecue, sports games and active entertainments! At the beginning of the summer many people start to get bicycles, scooters, boards, volleyball nets, balls, rackets, beach inventory and diving equipment. And if someone is interested in fishing – is the amount of memory used by different projectiles? It is not to mention rubber boats, inflatable mattresses, folding tables and chairs for picnics,
grills, skewers!

And how do all this household to keep? Turning a city apartment into a part of a sports and beach resort is not the most reasonable choice. Keep on the balcony – we consciously limit ourselves in space. But isn’t it enough – and suddenly a fire?

Many questions are simple: They put summer things and sports accessories in garages or cellars. But these options are difficult to call optimal. Dust, low temperature (and even frost), high humidity, insects and even rodents. And if it breaks through pipe or basement will fill after a heavy rain?

The best way out is simply to transfer all summer things to a special box. They will be in optimal conditions there.

Advantages of storing things in specialized boxes

We will describe the advantages of using storage cameras on the example of the domestic company Tetrisbox , which has been specialized in this field for a long time. When passing things to specialized boxes, you enjoy the following advantages:

    • round-the-clock access;
    • reliable and responsible protection;
    • availability of a wide range of premises of different area;
    • climate control with temperature and humidity sensors;
    • presence of fire-fighting system.
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