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Warehouse for antiques

The size of the old age will not be placed in the banking center or standard safe. Therefore, the undefeated option of property security is the lease of the warehouse for the antiques. The premises meets strict safety standards, has a convenient location.

Storage of antiques is a service that is necessary during trips abroad, long trips, in the process of moving or repairing. You should also contact Tetrisbox if the collector does not want to attract extra attention of the attackers. Private persons, as well as representatives of different firms – auction houses, mortgage organizations, specialized shops can use the service.

Composition of antiques: A bet on reliability

The storage of antique furniture is organized at a decent level – customers are provided with dry, clean boxes with stable humidity and temperature indicators ranging from 1 to 150 square meters. The conclusion of the contract with the company provides access to other advantages :

  • A multi-level control system.
    Unauthorized entry of vandals and villains is stopped. The territory is under protection, permanent video surveillance is established on the object perimeter. It allows to place without fear expensive interior decor, vintage furniture, exclusive statuettes and rare vazones, artistic works of art and rare editions of books.
  • Unlimited access.
    the tenant gets access 24/7.
  • Comprehensive service.
    you can use professional trucks, order a service of delivery by motor transport.

Tetrisbox constantly works on improvement of service standards, offers the best prices and profitable format of interaction.

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