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Warehouse logistics

Warehouse logistics – a list of services that enable efficient inventory management, storage procedures and delivery to the customer (if required). Inventory management technology is closely linked to warehouse facilities, which are responsible for collecting, stockpiling and storing goods for various purposes, machinery or household appliances.

Warehouse logistics functions

Warehouse logistic include many options to meet the needs of different categories of customers. Employees adjust the range in accordance with customer orders. The strict adherence to deadlines in the management of the product range has resulted in a customer-demanding service and clear order formation.

Warehouse logistics is responsible for ensuring the keeping process and complete warehousing of products. Proper placement of marketable product in warehouses has reduced the time spent between the manufacturing process and delivery to the end consumer. A company that provides warehouse logistic services must guarantee optimal storage conditions for various categories of goods. The provision of logistics services entails additional options filling products, preparation for the sales process, marking, formation of sets and finished orders. Logisticians are responsible for unite small batches in more bigger. Unification makes it possible to deliver different volumes of cargo to certain categories of customers. This means that even a small company can expand its service offering to small businesses that need timely delivery of small consignments, as well as to large suppliers.

Who could benefit from such services?

Warehouse logistic services are optimal for companies and sole traders who dont have their own storage facilities. Warehouse logistic can meet customer needs in the face of rapid growth in turnover levels or current production volumes. For many large companies, the warehouse keeping process is optimal replacement of usual keeping process which needs the construction and subsequent maintenance of a separate room for products.

How to choose a company providing warehouse services in Ukraine?

The wide choice of logistics companies in the Ukrainian market raises a number of related questions for the producer regarding the selection of a suitable organization. The success of the enterprise will depend on its expediency. In a large logistics company, there should be a unified information link to ensure proper coordination of all available units. Such an approach will improve the quality of the service provided and reduce the chance of disputes arising from the handling of large consignments.

When you are choosing such company, you should consider next moments:

  • speed of order implementation
  • accuracy in carrying out the collection procedure
  • overall performance indicators and quality of proposed operations
  • current experience in logistic

Feedback from real clients and statistics of the organization are taken into account to assess these parameters. A good logistic company can propose not only warehouse operations but transportation services for different configurations also.

The Tetris Box company provides services for the keeping of personal belongings and valuable property. Specialists are ready to offer rental services warehouses, boxes and warm rooms from 1 to 150 sqm. Among the additional features is including security service, video monitoring. There is unrestricted 24-hour access for clients, with full support from specialists.

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