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What could be stored in boxes and containers

A lot of depends on the offered storage conditions. After all, containers are different: sealed and not quite ones, equipped with special machinery (for example, refrigerators) and unequipped, with racks and without them.

What could be stored

If we delve into the question in detail, then the list could turn out to be endles, so we will focus only on product categories.

  • Bulky items, the presence of which in the house causes problems. These, first of all, include unnecessary, but valuable furniture. It is not recommended to store it in ordinary open-air containers, since the tightness is not complete, moisture can penetrate and so on. Furniture can be stored in sealed boxes for years.
  • Garden and dacha equipment: a mower, a mole, a cultivator, etc. The things are quite valuable, it is dangerous to leave them at the dacha for the winter, it is also not right to carry them to one’s apartment. Renting a storage container is probably the best way.
  • Building materials. In addition to the fact that it is very convenient to store them there, high humidity is categorically contraindicated for some of the materials. There is no humidity at all in a sealed box.
  • Household and office equipment, in particular, washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, computers, printers, etc. All these could be placed in the most optimal way if shelves and racks are equipped inside.
  • Clothes (especially seasonal). It is surely much better than stuffing the closet to the limit with it. The same goes for toys and some of personal items.
  • Canned food, granulated sugar in bags, bottles of drinks and other non-perishable food supplies.

There are often situations when even the smallest container cannot be filled with things of the same category, but we should not store close to each other, for example, bags of cement and granulated sugar. The solution is to equip the container with partitions.

What could not be stored in containers

  • Everything that is prohibited by the law. It refers to drugs, weapons, explosive substances. Don’t even get close to anything like that. You can’t just get away with a fine. The warehouse employee, in case of finding such items, is obliged to report to the appropriate authority, otherwise he/she will be recognized as an accomplice.
  • Combustible materials. It is also clear. Special storage conditions are prescribed for them, which must be followed. Containers do not meet these standards.
  • Living beings. For example, aquariums with fish, cages with rabbits, hamsters, and other animals. Even if one declare that he/she will look after them. The storage premises are for another purposes.
  • It is also prohibited to store anything that exudes a pungent smell, in particular, perishable food: meat, bread, vegetables, fruits. All these may rot, stink, serve as a breeding ground for infections and diseases.

It is important

Storage services in containers are provided by the Ukrainian company TetrisBOX. It makes them itself and rents the storage space out. The basic configuration includes the presence of shelves, lighting, sockets and racks inside the containers. If necessary, there may be installed more and some extra. The latter could take up to 5 days. If it is difficult to understand how to organize the space inside the container by yourself, one should contact a company staff. They have a plenty of experience in such matters.

The area for rent is from 1 to 150 m2. Depending on the needs, the customer, together with the manager, chooses the container and storage method (on shelves, racks, etc.). Each of the containers is locked with a lock offered by the company, but if one wish, he/she could hang one’s own. The easiest way to find out about the payment conditions and rent is on the corresponding pages of the company’s website.

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