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Where to store children’s things?

Many families face the problem of storage of children’s items and furniture from the child’s room. Children grow up very quickly, so things that were yesterday, today are already small. Children’s beds for babies after a couple of years should be changed for a full bed, and the number of old toys can not even be mentioned.

There is a quite logical question – where to keep children’s things, which are still in bad condition? It often takes a lot of time to throw away the damage, and finding a potential buyer. And suddenly, they will again be useful, if you dare to start another baby?

The ideal way out in such a situation is to rent the Tetrisbox – the required decision, which dozens of tenants have already used in Kyiv and Lviv. We offer warehouses and garages at several addresses near Nova Post offices.

Low-cost service of storage things

Children’s items, toys, furniture, carpets from the room you can always take to our warehouse or order the service of removal from the Tetrisbox company. Experienced specialists will go to the address you specify, carefully smell and take things to the premises you rent.

You make an agreement specifying the minimum term of storage with the possibility of extension and monthly payment. The contract also includes a list of people who will be allowed access to your property.

In fact, there can be many reasons for the lease of the warehouse, and children’s things are only one of hundreds and thousands of items of goods and products that we store in our premises. Customers rent storage facilities not only during the move or for “breaking” their home.

Some common reasons why people rent our storage facilities include:

  • Seasonal storage.Holiday decorations, costumes, seasonal clothes and lawn equipment can be sent for storage during the off-season.
  • Office move.If your new premises are not ready for placing your belongings and property, but you need to move immediately from the old office, the rented storage will be the best choice.
  • Not enough space in the home room.Many do not have enough space in the house and apartment to store things that little use. If you are not ready to part with them and dispose of them, the lease of the warehouse in our company will be the optimal choice.
  • New family member or guest.If a new person appears in your house, it may need a separate room that you used as a repository of things. Accordingly, the property must be transported.

There are many reasons why people need more space in their homes. If you are not ready to throw away, sell or give your things, save them for any necessary period. If you have a home repair that takes time and creates a lot of chaos and disorder, you need to protect your belongings and free up space by choosing our offer.

In addition, a rented garage is always the ideal place for storing vehicles. If you do not have a place where you live, you can store your boat, house on wheels, car or motorcycle on our warehouse.

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