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Storage of musical instruments

The service of storage of things will help to provide maintenance of personal things, sports equipment, winter canned food in integrity and storage. For the first time the idea of renting storage boxes was invented in America, then with enthusiasm it was picked up by European countries. To Ukraine, the fashion for storing things in special warehouses has come recently, but has already gained great popularity. What are the advantages of the service of storing things?

First, this service will help students who came from the suburbs. It is very convenient to store things, books, etc., in special boxes, there is no need to constantly bring them from the suburbs to the hostel and back. Secondly, this service will be useful for people who have been repairing. Just imagine, you have conceived to update the interior. Where to share furniture, interior objects: curtains, etc. The lease of the warehouse will help you at this moment. Third, you may not have the space to store your musical instruments. We can please you. Service of storage of things to your services.

Rules of storage of musical instruments

  • Observance of the required humidity. Did you buy an instrument? We congratulate you on this wonderful purchase. Of course, every owner wants the instrument to remain in excellent condition as long as possible and to enjoy excellent musical characteristics. It is recommended to keep the instrument at humidity of 50-60 percent. It is always necessary to remember that instruments will not lose reduced moisture. However, it is better if the humidity will vary within the specified numbers.
  • Observe the temperature. Musical instruments are more loyal to changes in temperature than humidity characteristics. However, the optimum storage temperature will be between +10 and +20 degrees. Strong cold does not like products covered with a wide layer of varnish, because at low temperature it can be shabby. As a result of this: Either expensive repair, or will have to say goodbye to the instrument. Products covered with a glossy lacquer coating do not print with sunlight. Under the influence of high temperatures, bubbles or other defects may form on them.
  • Observance of the rules of operation. Do you want the instrument to please you as long as possible? Then it should be carefully protected from mechanical influences, impacts, etc. For this purpose it is necessary to buy a special case which will provide quality storage and transportation. In winter, when you get out of the street, which do not get the tool from the chol, let it adapt to the new air temperature. Let it lie for at least an hour in the case, after time the tool can be obtained and used for the purpose.
  • After the music, the instrument should be hung or removed.urtains, etc. The lease of the warehouse will help you at this moment. Third, you may not have the space to store your musical instruments. We can please you. Service of storage of things to your services.
  • The next rule: play only with clean hands. If your instrument is dirty, return a decent look to it will help special care products.
  • It is not recommended to leave the products in the car for a long time, when behind his window of heat or cold.
  • Rules of transportation. If for some reason it is necessary to transport the instrument from one place to another, it should be carefully packed to avoid mechanical damage.

Tetrisbox company will provide storage of musical instruments with observance of all rules. Why choose us? Advantages: Reliable storage, convenient location, affordable price, access to property 24 hours a day, we have dozens of positive responses, large areas of warehouses.

Build your space, and you’ll be sure your tools are in a safe place. We can help you save your instruments and enjoy their beautiful sound.

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