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How to store things if you don’t have a closet?

The advantageous and convenient for each customer rental of the Tetrisbox warehouse is the requested service in Kyiv and Lviv, which our company offers. If you are looking for a temporary or permanent storage space for personal items, office property, parts, furniture, and other products, we are ready to help with this problem.

The service of storing things works in large cities, our storage facilities are located at different addresses near the new mail offices. It is convenient, because the tenant can always arrange the transfer of his belongings if necessary.

World experience

In fact, long-term storage services have long been working all over the world. In many countries there are strict laws on personal property. Many do not have the capacity to keep it at home, and recycling is expensive.

As a result, many who wants to use the services of such storage services, renting different types of boxes and premises taking into account the peculiarities of things and property.

What are the storage options and what type of storage do you prefer to choose users all over the world?

You may have determined that you need to store your goods or property using the service capabilities. The next thing to do is to decide the type of storage (this will largely depend on the rent).

Large storage companies offer several options:

  • sea containers – ideal for goods delivered by sea, provide reliability and quality of preservation of any property;
  • boxes are similar to containers, while the size is slightly smaller (suitable for oversized goods);
  • modules – prefabricated structures that exceed sea containers by volume (suitable for large-size cargo);
  • the centers are an analogueue of banking centers for responsible storage of especially valuable things, important documents.

The Tetrisbox offers

Special storage containers and garages are the best options for domestic realities. Based on the personal experience of Tetrisbox and the feedback of its regular clients, it is possible to state that such premises meet almost any requirements of modern business and are perfectly suitable for private use .

Modules and cells are fairly common in the West, which we do not yet have very much in demand. Large machinery and equipment can be stored in garages, securities and documents clients prefer to trust bank repositories.

Having defined the storage option, you can choose suitable time of temporary lease and safely hand over the property or products to representatives of Tetrisbox company.

Modern warehouse facilities of our service do not leak, freeze, they do not start insects and rodents, and the necessary temperature is constantly maintained inside. The structures are completely legal and legal, they cannot be carried out, and the degree of protection corresponds to the highest European level.

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