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Where to hide waste things after office cleaning

Before the New Year, it is more important than ever to make peace with partners, to complete important projects and to get rid of unnecessary things in the office. And there is enough unnecessary or old even in office. In spite of that no one has used them for a long time, maybe even a seasonal product from the range of the store, things continue to take up space in closets, on shelves or in the room.

In some cases, temporary storage is not only desirable, but also necessary. For example, where to dispose of furniture when moving office or a large shipment of goods before the transfer of its customers? Law firms resort to renting a box, when they need to hide for a time technique, goods, equipment. In this case, you do not need to buy a separate area, it is enough to rent a special storage

What are the advantages of such a warehouse?

The availability of rented warehouse or garage box allows you to free up a lot of useful space in your office.

This is not even an advantage, but a need for the company given the ever-increasing rental prices. Its always possible to move the company’s archive to a remote location. Especially such boxes are equipped with physical security, alarm systems and video monitoring. Storing documents and office equipment there are more safety than at home or at work.

Other advantages of renting a warehouse for office items include:

  • Protecting things from pests or the vagaries of nature. Sealed warehouse walls reliably hide goods from mold, mildew, moisture and rodents, which can destroy property in a short time
  • 24 hours a day access to things. The warehouses are secured, so you can drive up at any time to put or to take something.
  • Convenience. The companies are trying to locate few warehouses in the city, so you can choose then near your home or office. Its very comfortable for online stores where sales are remotely.
  • Safety. Security guards at the site leads the video monitoring, records all visitors in the log. Access to the area granted only for customers, and to the warehouse only to persons specified in the contract.
  • Tangible money savings. Many people think that warehouse renting is expensive service, but just count how much it costs to rent your office, how much a cluttered room interferes with goods in your own home.

To rent a small warehouse for permanent or season storage things. And after the New Year, you can even move toys there from the Christmas tree. Add safety and safekeeping things. And you dont need to worry about leaving product in a personal garage or a friend’s garage.

Where can I rent a box?

Employers, wich wanted to save money, try their best to cram the goods somewhere. Small rooms in the office, corners and closets for outerwear, and storage rooms are used. At the same time, the owner often neglects the conditions for storing goods.

There is a much better option – to rent a warehouse in our TetrisBOX company. We have warehouses in 2 cities – in Kiev and Lviv, and it is more than 1.7 thousand m2 of the total area. We offer you dry and clean premises from 1 to 150 m2 with security, video monitoring and 24 hours a day access. We guarantee the integrity of things, and all the conditions of storage and responsibilities of the parties are fixed in the contract.

There are favorable conditions and a loyalty program for online stores. We will help you to organize the transportation of things to our warehouse. We will find the right car, arrive on time and carefully load and unload things. Call our managers and make an appointment for a convenient time. Get everything done by the end of December so you don’t have to drag junk and unnecessary items with you into the New Year.

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